Adopting A Protection Dog

Adopting A Protection Dog

Adopting A Protection Dog

Mackie writes:

My close friend who’s your dog trainer proposed his 5 years old Belgian Malinois for adoption. He’s trained like a protection dog so he is able to guard his master, bite on command, release the bite on command, stay until released yet others. He’s a trophy as third placer in Level 1 protection inside a protection dog competition. I’ve two dogs at the moment: A 1 year-old along with a nine month-old Labrador… both of them are females, behavior training trained and never neutered.

I must adopt him and that i know I’m able to take proper care of him. Is he going to accept me after being my friend’s favorite dog for five years? My pal assured me he can transfer the loyalty from the dog in my experience. He’s a fierce dog while in competition however a very quiet dog when outdoors working out ring. Actually my pal brings your dog with him constantly and that i are conscious of several occasions the dog is off leash. He’s giving him up while he really wants to replace him having a more youthful dog.

Must I take him on his offer?

Dear Mackie:

Yes… your dog will transfer his loyalty for you.

Listed here are two major issues you should think about before adopting this dog:

1. The Belgian Malinois (especially one that’s bred and trained for bite work and protection dog sports) will need lots of work From You to learn to handle this dog. You are have to lots of training… one-on-one style… to effectively integrate this dog to your existence. It’s like driving a Ferrari or perhaps a race vehicle. The vehicle already runs great, however if you simply don’t learn the proper way to drive it, you’ll finish up killing yourself. And merely because you know how you can drive a Subaru does not work… we are speaking Ferrari, here. And also the Belgian Malinois is really a Ferrari using the tricked out Turbo engine.

2. The breed is definitely an very HIGH DRIVE breed. This dog needs A lot of exercise and mental stimulation. TONS. Please take time to notice that adopting this dog is a major responsibility.

If you choose to get it done, and you’re effective, you will have an incredible companion. The breed is very healthy and you may be content in understanding that you have a KING OF Nobleman so far as working dogs are worried.

A part of me has always wanted what you are considering getting. But my lifestyle and persistence for the exercise and training needs are something I don’t have only at that current reason for my existence.

P.S. Make certain the dog is not dog aggressive prior to deciding to take possession.

That’s all for the time being, folks!