Does Money Make Money?

Does Money Make Money?

Does Money Earn Money?

If it’s your ultimate goal to amass wealth, believing the fallacy that cash earns money, will hinder how well you’re progressing to no finish. This belief stifles many to some existence of failure, and misery.

The aim setting theory of motivation means you need to stay positive – and realistic – so that you can achieve your ultimate goal, particularly if that goal is to earn money.

The number of occasions will we hear that “money earns money.” Money could make money as fast as Ferrari can win the Grand Prix without Schumaker within the driver’s seat.

“Ferrari may be the Grand Prix world champion.” Will we state that? “Microsoft invented Home windows.” Will we state that? Or will we say, “Schumaker may be the world champion.” And “Gates invented Home windows.”? Obviously we prefer the individual, or people. And that is because that’s the reality.

Cash is a natural, lifeless factor.

As one example of…

Let us say you want to make our money grow, only then do we convey a $100 note inside a tin and bury it, along with a year later we return and find it up. How much cash maybe there is? Only our $100 note we put into the tin. There’s not a way, on God’s eco-friendly earth that there might be one cent greater than the initial $100.

People earn money! And individuals generate losses!

Certainly, money can earn interest, however the person (in other words the individual’s intelligence) is needed to take a position the cash to earn that interest. In connection with this, an individual can create a bad investment, and never earn just as much interest, or can generate losses.

On the other hand from the gold coin (no pun intended), an individual can indulge in business venture, which way earn money. Or lose it!

Whichever route is taken, it’s the intelligence of the individual that either earns money, or makes more income. This is one way it’s always labored, and try to will.

Even in case where someone includes a big windfall, like winning the lottery, these funds could be squandered, or designed to multiply. Whichever it’s, it can be the individual, either to invest wisely, in order to spend endlessly. A brief history books are filled with tales where enormous fortunes were won, after which lost.

Therefore, if it’s your ultimate goal to earn money, don’t fall under the trap of believing that “money earns money” it’s a lifeless object, that can’t possible multiply with no intelligence of a person. Rather…

Allow it to be your ultimate goal to…

… find out about money, and the way to invest and employ it to multiply.