If You Know The Future Of The Auto Industry, These Guys Would Like To See You

If You Know The Future Of The Auto Industry, These Guys Would Like To See You

If You Realize The Way Forward For The Car Industry, This Option Want To Help You

Predicting the long run is hard business. It’s difficult to calculate the way forward for a business, particularly the automobile industry. ten years ago many industry exec’s believed that mainstream vehicles achieving near to 100mpg could be commonplace. Jurgen Hubbert, once Chief from the passenger vehicle division for Mercedes-Benz AG stated inside a 1996 interview with Automobile Magazine we’ll have “new combustion engines. We’ll have gas mileage between 56 and 95mpg”. He thought this could happen by 2006. Well, it’s Feb 2006 and I am still waiting.

One of the most famous predictions originated from a within the United States auto industry. Lee Iacocca was talking with Carroll Shelby (another legendary figure) in 1971 about the way forward for Toyota in The United States. Shelby had been offered a Toyota dealership in California and desired to know why Iacocca thought it might be an awful idea. Iacocca continued to state “because we are likely to kick their asses into the Gulf Of Mexico”. Iacocca was wrong and Toyota is continuing to grow to get the wealthiest vehicle company on the planet.

Although not all predictions are wrong. ten years ago many automobile executives predicted that hybrids would be popular by 2006. Clearly these were right. Others placed their bet on electric vehicles. Pointless to state, these were wrong. Everybody comes with an opinion concerning the automobile industry, but couple of can predict with any certainty what’ll happen the coming year, not to mention within the next decade.

During the last ten years we have seen a brand new romance with rear wheel drive cars, more fuel efficient engines, and safer vehicles. Hybrids are gaining recognition and also the Sports utility vehicle is making method for the crossover utility vehicle. ten years ago Chrysler would be a purely American company and BMW just bought Rover. Since that time, Daimler-Benz “merged” (read bought) Chrysler Corp. to create DaimlerChrysler and BMW admits buying Rover would be a huge mistake (they’ve since offered it). Nissan has become largely of Renault, Porsche owns 20% of Volkswagen and Vehicle and Ford are shedding thousands of jobs hoping being around for the following ten years.

ten years from now we’ll probably have much more fuel efficient drivetrains, broadly used Gps navigation systems, and much more niche vehicles. It will be another decade compared to one passed by, but because Yogi Berra once stated, “The long run ain’t what it really use to become”.