Jalan-jalan di Madinah (Traveling in Medina)

Jalan-jalan di Madinah (Traveling in Medina)

Search Hamzah, Kill! Life or death take me I want to take heart and heart.

I want to eat it raw Says who.

Hind said to Wahshi ibn Harb a time of war that happens, the person whose name Wahshi ibn Harb mancari Hamzah After tau whose name Hamzah, Hamzah immediately he spear until the last breath.

Dibelahnya Hamzah chest with a knife practicing, and he took to heart and liver Hamzah submitted to Hind Wahshi ibn Harb: “Auntie, I bring heart and heart.

How have you done?” Hind: “I want to eat you alive!” The Prophet (Muhammad SAW) not know at the time that his uncle was killed.

Because it is still war.

Perhaps interval 1-2 hours heard the news, if Sayiddina Hamzah died.

And it was told the Messenger.

“O Messenger of Allah, you named Hamzah uncle had died.

” Even her chest and no longer split liver and heart.

Messenger said: “Gone where? Where is his body? Please bring it here.

” “After that we sholati and we bury” If the martyrs did not dimadikan And in kafankan was just a blood-soaked cloth So when it Hamzah taken, in selecting presented to the Prophet, and in sholatkan.

All friends wept.

Even some of a friend who said: “O Messenger of Allah, tell us that we were all crying.

” Sayyiddina weep for Hamzah Prophet: “For what?” Companions said: “Because when the other dies, there is his wife weeping, mourning.

His son was so.

” “And Hamzah who weep? Have a wife is not, any more children.

” So Hamzah died while still single.

He has not had time to get a wife.

Well, that’s why Sayyidina Hamzah described by the Prophet.

“Al-Hamzatu Sayyidus Martyrs” Hamzah was the leader of those who were martyred later in Heaven.