Start With A WANT For Copywriting Success

Start With A WANT For Copywriting Success

Frequently I see people banging their heads against a brick wall, wishing when they party it tough enough the wall will fall lower. I’m sorry, but it is not going to take place!

Imagine selling beef to vegetarians.

Imagine selling crucifixes to atheists.

Imagine selling England football shirts to Scotland fans. 🙂


Imagine selling a great night’s sleep towards the parents of the newborn child.

Imagine selling a brand new high-tech super gadget to some technophile.

Imagine selling a Ferrari to… well, just about any male. 🙂

I believe you receive the point… several things sell themselves, several things don’t.

Here’s a concept for your forthcoming product…

Take a look at some online forums for any niche you’ve got an interest in. Probably individuals will be requesting assist with X,Y or Z. Pay special attention if multiple individuals are requesting help with similar problem. Then remember this…

The simplest purchase is created by selling a strategy to an issue people curently have. The greater those who have the issue, the greater sales you’ll make.

And here’s the kicker…

…because you realize the prospective audience’s WANT already, your Understand what to create profits copy around. Actually, your copy almost writes itself!