Top Teams and Drivers in Formula One Today

Top Teams and Drivers in Formula One Today

Top Teams and Motorists in F1 Today

F1 racing is really a challenging sport for teams and motorists. The Worldwide Automobile Federation (FIA) sets demanding standards with this motor sport. These rules allow it to be probably the most challenging and safest racing competition on the planet.

Previously F1 racing contained both private teams and company teams. The growing price of meeting the strict FIA rules combined with dominance of teams of leading automobile manufacturers has forced the majority of the private racing teams to withdraw from F1 racing. The only real new teams to participate the F1 racing program recently have been of automotive manufacturers.

Today four teams dominate F1 racing: McLaren-Mercedes, Ferrari, BMW and Renault.

The McLaren-Mercedes team relies in Woking, United kingdom. They continues to be competing since 1966 and it has won eight F1 World Titles. The McLaren-Mercedes racecars have a Mercedes-Benz FO 108T engine. Driving for McLaren-Mercedes are Lewis Hamilton and Fernado Alonso. Lewis Hamilton, from England, has joined as many as seven Grand Prix. He hasn’t yet won a global Championship for F1 racing. Spanish driver Fernado Alonso has joined over 95 Grand Prix races and it has won two World Titles.

Located in Maranello, Italia, team Ferrari continues to be competing in F1 racing since 1950. Ferrari has won 14 World Titles. Ferrari relies on a 056 engine within the team’s 2007 racecars. Brazilian native Felipe Massa has joined as many as 78 F1 racing Grand Prix but hasn’t yet won a global Championship. The 2006 F1 racing season was Massa’s first with Ferrari. He’s considered an increasing star within the F1 racing circuit. Massa’s teammate driver is Kimi Raikkonen of Finland. 2007 is Raikkonen’s first season with Ferrari but he’s joined 112 Grand Prix throughout his F1 racing career. His failure to win a global Championship is attributed to equipment performance instead of his driving ability.

Team BMW Sauber has dual home bases in Munich, Germany and Hinwil, Europe. Former team principal Peter Sauber walked lower following the team takeover by BMW in the year 2006. They, that has been competing in F1 racing since 1993 hasn’t won a global Championship. For that 2007 F1 racing season the team’s cars are outfitted having a BMW P86/7 engine. Neither Nick Heidfeld nor Robert Kubica, the team’s two motorists, have ever won a global Championship. Heidfeld, a German, is much more experienced, getting joined 124 Grand Prix. Kubica may be the first Polish driver to compete in F1 racing. As they is definitely an experienced test driver, Kubica only has joined 12 Grand Prix throughout his career.

Enstone, England may be the home base for that Renault team. Renault has won two World Titles because it started competing in F1 racing in 1977. For 2007 Renault is applying the RS27 engine for F1 racing competition. Finnish driver Heikki Kovalainen is really a relative newcomer in F1 racing getting joined only 7 Grand Prix. His more knowledgeable teammate, Italian Giancarlo Fisichella, brings the expertise of 186 Grand Prix towards the 2007 season but neither has won an equation One World Championship.

From the remaining seven F1 racing teams for that 2007 season, only Johnson-Toyota, Toyota and Red Bull-Renault are thought serious competition

Winning a global Championship in F1 racing depends upon the best combination of excellent equipment and skilled motorists. Your competition is fierce. Choosing the best combination may be the web site win and 2nd place. These teams will be ready to go.