Traveling with Friends VS Alone? | Evan Edinger

Traveling with Friends VS Alone? | Evan Edinger

Hello everyone! Today I am in Cusco and.

Shut up! I’m not going to say anything Hello everyone! As you can see today I am in Cusco, Peru Raya with my great friend Hello! and Lana! and I am not a great friend? Do not! I just met today! No, it is not so! Lately I’ve been traveling a lot, and one of the questions most often receive you like traveling alone or with friends? Which prefer? And everyone here, have traveled much as friends, as single so I thought, let’s talk about it! Yes! Why should you travel with friends? For one, it makes you much closer to your friends and there is something about it that, for example when you go to a place, I always happens to me, you go to an amazing place, and you think, “oh my friend would love this” be there with someone, and appreciate together is amazing everything feels like another level You said everything I wanted to say! Sometimes when I travel with friends I make such good memories in particular that I would not be able to do it alone That’s true, that’s true! Joking with someone else, it is better to go it alone, which is something very lonely Last month I returned to New Zealand and the first time I went was with my friend Dodie and every time I went to a place where I had been before with Dodie I missed most, because I thought “oh she liked it a lot” and then enjoy more traveling solo My dog ​​is gone! Enjoy more traveling alone when he went to places I had never been before and explored more I think traveling with friends, it’s cute.

but I mean, it’s very.

It’s cute! It’s cute, it is! I do not know, I am a person who likes to be with other people so it’s like they, if I’m not having a good day, and someone else is in a good mood it’s like, that brings me to your level and do not know is different! Traveling with people who understand you, like when you’re not having a good day, and they tell you “let’s have a coffee” It’s nice to have a friend who makes you feel better when they’re in the mood And especially, but there’s one thing that, not all friends are good companions for a trip this is great advice so, make sure that, for example if someone loves to go to museums and you hate that, maybe that’s not the best person to travel, make sure they are on the same wavelength Yes, because all have different things they want to do when traveling Because, in moments, I rather like adventures, I like climbing, I like to climb roller coasters and stuff but my friend Dodie is not doing those things I’ve never done skydiving, and when he wanted to do so could not, so I had to do it with other people Yes, but at the same time it is good, because both come out of your comfort zone I feel I can make it work if you are traveling with someone who is not exactly like your but obviously, you better be on the same wavelength with the other person You had a bad experience with travel alone? I traveled alone few times, but I have traveled to Cuba with Louis and Dave, was not alone but we went out every day except one day I went out to walk alone and suddenly I received many taunts’ In serious? Before that nothing was wrong when I was alone and it was like “oh I think it was not a very safe idea” -Where was that? -Cuba! You feel safer when you’re with someone, and when you’re alone you realize that “oh maybe not as safe as we thought” I think for a woman is different I think for men is different instants, yesterday we were walking and it was night and, It was you? Or he was with Chloe? I was sick I were, Evan and Chloe, were walking and I was like “I feel afraid to walk around here, because I do not know if it is safe” and then Evan was like “good’m a guy, and I do not like this” And that’s not something you normally think, I’m usually very careful Some of you have stayed at a hostel ever? -Do not! -Yes! Because I was afraid of Hostels, my mother always told me they were places like, where ever you wanted to be because they can kill you, like in the movie Hostel I feel safer in Hostels It’s cute! I shared a room with 7 other people, and we were all like community so when traveling alone, I did not feel alone, because every day met someone new at the Hostel and there are always people with whom I can relate I met many Germans, If you’re traveling alone, I would say there are two ways to do this, number one, make a trip like Contiki, this is the best way because we all make friends, many of us did not know – I just met Lana 3 days ago literally from day one we all like best friends so, thrips like this definitely, or stay in Hostels, because there are a lot of people, all are foreigners, all seeking people, and so is very easy to make friends The way I describe Contiki my friends, is like a school trip adult Yes! It’s like those school trips, in which all fun, except you do not necessarily have to do everything, It’s like “today we will do these things” and you can decide whether to go exploring alone, and well And literally you can do what you want In my opinion, you have the best of both worlds, like traveling with friends and also alone and have spare time And anyway, if you make a trip like Contiki, it’s like you do not have to think about what you have to do they plan to you all, very very cute And you know what are the safe places, and things all the concerns you have when you travel, disappear when you make a trip like this You’ll be fine! This will be like “traveling alone or with dogs” The first time traveling alone, was last year and I went for a reason specific I went to a Conveción in London It was not necessarily alone, because I made friends there but most of the time, I walked alone I planned one, and I went to visit a friend who lived far and did it all myself, so yeah, I do not know I went to New Zealand three weeks ago and it was only 100% I arrived, I knew no one, I plan what I wanted to do and I went to a travel counselor, that’s what I usually do when I go to a new city and I see the top 5 things to do, and make a list of things I want to try to do, and did it! many things went wrong, but still a good time and I feel that when you explore places being alone, you enjoy it more because it’s like, you and nature nothing that’s what I like to travel alone but then also, if you’re traveling with friends, you can enjoy nature with someone else and it’s cute! I have never traveled all alone, always did things like Contiki, where you meet people but honestly, this on my list of things to do for this year because I think it makes you grow as a person, go to a single place I’ve never had a totally one time, so I want to have time to sit in nature and, ‘In silence! and think, yes, like sitting alone in the woods I feel it is something everyone should do at least once, you know? I agree completely! I think you learn a lot about yourself because you’re always thinking in your head and these.

‘Why are you laughing? Well, one, I made a joke Twenty One Pilots who knew that none of you understand and, two, it is because I was only in New Zealand talking to myself I have also done that! The voice in my head had a name, Henry! -Okay, I sing to myself all the time -Henry? I not even like that name I like the name Henry He liked! I think it’s weird They have noted that these are ruins of the Incas behind us If you would like to see the videos of the trip I’ve been doing recently You can click on my face and see my vlogs, Raya also has been making videos of the same journey, and Lana! Hagan click on us, or you can see in the description box and see what we have been doing I kissed an alpaca! that’s your new phrase! What do they like the trip so far? To be with you! Me too! meet everyone! I love Peru, it is very cute and all, but make new friends Fill my heart! I was afraid of not getting along with others and having to stick to you and Louis were those who knew but you’re kind! all are friendly! and it’s nice! As you say “subscribe”? All of us, as you say that? Anyway, thanks for watching! if you have another question I leave it in the comments Oh was a dog! we will see Jesus now?.