The Ultimate Guide To Ferrari 488 Exhaust System

The Ultimate Guide To Ferrari 488 Exhaust System

A muffler or silencer, as known in England, is an important part of a vehicle exhaust system. To put it in simple words, it dampens the noise produced during combustion so as to bring it down to audible levels, thus reducing sound pollution.

To understand the importance of Ferrari 488 Exhaust System, let us first see the function of an exhaust system.

Exhaust System In An Automobile

An exhaust system in an engine runs on air and fuel with the ratio being 14:1 respectively. It has been proved that more the air flow in the device, greater the power generated in the engine.

This flow of air is carried out by the engine in the exhaust system. Therefore, for more efficiency and better mileage, it is imperative that this device is used in the best of working conditions.

When air and fuel meet at a certain temperature, a lot of chemical reactions take place which is together called combustion. During combustion, gasses of high pressure are produced which combine with the low-pressure gasses inside the exhaust pipes.

This results in the high pressure to be collected in the area, and this is pushed out of the pipes by the exhaust system. High levels of noise are produced in the chamber as a result, and the muffler lessens the effect of this sound before it comes out of the engine by a huge margin.

About Mufflers

Anyone who has heard the sound coming out of a vehicle without a muffler will know the difference it makes to the surroundings. The muffler consists of a set of tubes which are perforated with many holes throughout. These holes make the sound waves cancel each other out or intercept each other thus reducing the effect.

Let Us Know See The Types Of Mufflers And Their Design:

Standard Mufflers

These mufflers consist of a pipe which is connected to cylinder tubes in the Ferrari 488 Exhaust System. The pipe has many small perforations which make the sound waves cancel out each other before they reach the tail pipe.

Glass Pack Mufflers

This type reduces the back pressure, which is formed because of gasses being left behind in the exhaust pipes which do not enter the system. The exhaust gasses in this muffler go through a pipe which has several small holes. The pipe, in turn, is surrounded by a glass tube which absorbs the pressure. For the safety of the glass surrounding, a steel housing is often built over it. They are not as effective on the noise as the standard ones but are preferred more because of their back pressure reduction.

Active Noise-Cancellation Mufflers

These consist of a speaker and microphones. The speaker is placed in the pipe which is around the exhaust pipe. The sound of the speaker and the exhaust move in the same direction and the waves intercept each other.

You will know when to replace a muffler because of the change in the sound emitted from the exhaust pipe.

Ferrari 488 Exhaust System for Sale

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