Why Sports Cars Cost More To Insure

Why Sports Cars Cost More To Insure

Why Sports Cars Are More Expensive To Insure

Ever wondered why sports cars are more expensive to insure kinds of vehicle – even if your purchase cost from the sports vehicle is less costly? If that’s the case, listed here are the primary explanations why this is actually the situation.

Vehicle Insurance Group Groups

While most of the factors that determine the make-from vehicle quotes aren’t known, what’s known is the fact that insurance providers ‘group’ certain kinds of cars into groups. With this purposes, insurance providers have groups varying from 1 right through to 20. Group 1 may be the least costly kind of vehicle to insure. Group 20 is easily the most costly kind of vehicle to insure. So, if you purchase a Fiat Panda, you will be classed an organization 1 vehicle driver. Purchase a sports vehicle, any sports vehicle, and you’re searching at being classed an organization 15 and above driver. Purchase a performance sports vehicle, like a Porsche 911, and you’ll certainly be Group 20 driver!


Over two million vehicle crimes take place in the United kingdom every year. Apart from popular model cars, this type of Ford, the greatest vehicle crime category is sports cars! Possess a soft-top convertible sports vehicle, and the likelihood of it being stolen are in demand! So, even though you live within the countryside with nobody else around for miles, you still be viewed as driving an very high-risk vehicle with regards to vehicle thievery. With elevated risk, comes an elevated premium!


Insurance providers aren’t non profit organizations – they’re in the industry to earn money. As a result, they keep huge amounts of data and a part of that data informs them when you drive a sports vehicle there’s an elevated risk you will be within an accident which the accident could be more serious (and pricey) than should you be driving a normal vehicle. As a result, the premium charge will probably be greater.

Under 30?

Unless of course you’ve just won the Lottery, if you’re under 30 there aren’t any appealing factors with regards to insuring a sports vehicle. Furthermore the insurer begin to see the vehicle you drive like a high-risk vehicle to insure, however, you because the driver are much more dangerous to insure too. Consequently, vehicle insurance costs for individuals 30 years old or under, driving sports cars, is most likely the greatest of all of vehicle insurance obtainable in the United kingdom today.